Educators who became the change maker

Education is more than just teaching; it is loving, caring, showing, communicating, and growing. Our hope is that everyone who reads these blogs leaves with an idea for betterment of classroom and entire ecosystem!

Renu Mishra, Educationist, V K Patil International School
Mr. Nagaraja, Educationist, Technia Institute of Advanced Studies
Mrs. Anupama, Educationalist, Trinity College London
Ajay Kumar Mishra, Educationalist, Billabong High International School Noida
Dr. Pralay Kumar Ghosh, Management Educationalist (Former Director, Suryadatta Institutes of Management, Pune)
Dr. Kusum D'sa, a role model and a source of inspiration to numerous educators
Shalini Nambiar An Educator who is not confined to the stereotypes of the traditional education system